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Michele Katz April 2021-14 table hands down.jpg
Michele S. Katz
Founding Partner at Advítam IP, LLC.
Untitled design (1).png
Vanessa Abdel-Razak
Partner at Abdel-Razak & Associates
Keesha Fleming Lake
Managing Partner at Complete Intellectual Property Services 
Keesha Profile.png
Ms. Anomi I Wanigasekera - Partner at Ju
Anomi Wanigasekera
Partner at  Julius & Creasy
Untitled design (1).png
Claudette Vernot
Director at Estrategia Juridica
Rachael Lodge Corrie
Partner at Foga Daley
Maria Khan.jpg
Maria Khan
Senior Partner at United Trademark
and Patent Services
dianne daley mcclure-portrait.jpg
Dianne Daley McClure
Founding Partner at Foga Daley
claudiaProfile .jpg
Claudia Kaya
Managing IP Consultant 
Elena Utkina (Vakhnina and Partners).png
Elena Utkina
Patent Director at 
Vakhnina & Partners
Troller_Portrait-0767_3 (Farbig) (1).jpg
Ursula In-Albon
Partner at Troller Hitz Troller
Dr.Joshita Davar Khemani (1).jpg
Dr Joshita Davar Khemani
Managing Partner at LS Davar & Co
Manisha Singh.jpg
Partner at LexOrbis
Laura Collada
Managing Partner at Dumont
Nicole Foga.jpg
Nicole Foga
Managing Partner at Foga Daley
Managing Partner at Pakharenko & Partners IP and Law Firm
Carina Gommers
ECTA First Vice President 
Carina new.jpg
Clare Gibson
Senior Patent Analyst at Patent Seekers
Clare Gibson 2.png
Natalie G. Augustin
Senior Practitioner at GlitzLaw
Sarah Norkor Anku.png
Sarah Norkor Anku
Senior Partner & Intellectual Property Consultant at Anku.Anku at-Law
Tatiana Vakhnina (Vakhnina and Partners).jpg
Tatiana Vakhnina
Senior Partner at 
Vakhnina & Partners
Silvia Hernández
Founding Partner at Santiago Mediano Abogados
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