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Diversity and Inclusion in the IP World By ECTA First Vice President Carina Gommers

Updated: Feb 8

Celebrating Women in IP: Explore the Women's IP World Annual 2023

As we navigate the intricate landscape of intellectual property (IP World), it's crucial to reflect on the strides we've made towards diversity and inclusion while acknowledging the work that still lies ahead. Carina Gommers, First Vice President at ECTA and Partner at Wiggin LLP, shares her insights into the evolving landscape of diversity in the IP world, shedding light on key trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Evolving Perspectives in Law Firms: Carina reminisces about the early days of her career when gender diversity in law firms was a rarity. However, she notes a significant shift in recent years, with law firms actively addressing diversity and inclusion, driven not only by external pressures but also by intrinsic motivations. Studies show that diverse teams not only attract top talent but also foster innovation and expertise, positioning law firms as thought leaders in their field. Promoting Diversity in IP Associations: Within IP associations like ECTA, Carina highlights the strong presence of women in leadership positions, emphasising the pivotal role they play in shaping IP policy and legislative developments. As an influential discussion partner for EU institutions and international organisations, ECTA's diverse leadership ensures a multifaceted approach to addressing industry challenges and driving positive change. Enriching IP Panels with Diversity: Carina stresses the importance of diverse panels in conferences and events, offering varied perspectives and enhancing discussions. While progress has been made, she acknowledges the need for continued efforts to ensure gender-balanced panels, providing opportunities for women to share their insights and expertise.

Celebrating Women in IP: Explore the Women's IP World Annual 2023

The Power of Role Models and Affinity Groups: Role models serve as sources of inspiration for aspiring women in IP, demonstrating that leadership roles are attainable through dedication and perseverance. Additionally, affinity groups within law firms create supportive environments where women can share experiences and navigate the complexities of balancing career and family life. Continued Advocacy and Education: While celebrating achievements in diversity, Carina Gommers emphasizes the ongoing need for advocacy and education. Recommended readings like "Invisible Women" by Caroline Criado Perez shed light on gender data biases, while initiatives within the IP community aim to support women throughout their careers.

Celebrating Women in IP: Explore the Women's IP World Annual 2023

In closing, Carina Gommers echoes a sentiment of celebration tempered with a call to action, reminding us that while progress has been made, there is still much work to be done. By fostering inclusivity, embracing diversity, and supporting one another, we can create a more equitable and vibrant future for the world of intellectual property. As we honour the achievements of women in IP, let us continue to strive for greater representation and empowerment, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued in our collective journey of innovation and progress.

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