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Breaking Barriers: A Personal Journey of Redefined Success and Authentic Leadership with Yasemin Özdemir

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Breaking Barriers: A Personal Journey of Redefined Success and Authentic Leadership with Yasemin Özdemir: In this insightful Q&A, Elvin Hassan interviews Yasemin Özdemir, Founder of IP Lunar, about her inspiring journey in the field of intellectual property. Yasemin shares her experiences, challenges, and motivations behind starting her IP law firm during the pandemic.

Yasemin's journey in intellectual property began with translating patent documents. With a background in English Language and Literature, and a master's in International Marketing and Foreign Trade, she transitioned from translation to becoming an intellectual property advisor. Her role involved European Patent validations and representing Turkey in international IP meetings. The pandemic in 2020 was a turning point, leading her to found her own IP firm, IP Lunar.

Starting her own firm was always part of Yasemin’s career plan, but she didn’t anticipate doing it during a pandemic. She realized that being independent allowed her to serve clients more effectively and stay true to her authentic self. Rejecting the male-dominated competitive structures, she focused on genuine service and the well-being of her clients, embracing her natural rhythms and cycles.

For Yasemin, success is about peace of mind and doing her best to become the finest version of herself. She views success and failure as interconnected and believes in the purity of motives behind actions rather than the outcomes. This approach has fueled her passion for work, resulting in greater fulfilment and business growth.

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The name "Lunar" symbolizes feminine energy, intuition, and transformation. Yasemin chose this name to reflect the qualities she wanted for her firm—guidance, natural rhythm, and the beauty of change. IP Lunar respects the natural cycles of its people and clients, promoting a healthy work-life balance and increasing productivity and satisfaction.

Yasemin advises those entering the industry to strive for a healthy work-life balance and act with genuine passion. She emphasizes understanding oneself, respecting natural cycles, and nourishing personal interests. Authenticity and self-care are key to finding joy in work and achieving true fulfilment.

r.-Ing. Sophie Ertl

Yasemin Özdemir’s journey with IP Lunar is a testament to the power of authenticity and resilience. By embracing her unique path and focusing on genuine service, she has created a thriving IP firm that values the well-being of its clients and team.

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